Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

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Donald Trump’s most bone-chilling tweet

…Trump is apparently attempting to delegitimize our federal judiciary by calling Judge James Robart, a George W. Bush-appointed judge, a “so-called” judge while arguing that his decision is “ridiculous.” Let’s be blunt, because the stakes demand it: An independent federal

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The National Park Service Won’t Be Silenced

These federal employees speaking out now understand that science is not subordinate to politics, that truth is essential, and transparency vital to a functioning democracy. They are risking their careers to ensure the public is kept informed. They’re exercising their

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Government by Tweedict

The media should pay less attention what Trump is tweeting and more attention to what Trump is actually doing.

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because nerds are smarter than you

Don’t. Be. Evil. Man, that’s a great slogan, right? It’s so simple, so direct, and so… oddly comforting, yeah? For some odd reason, those most aware, skeptical, and prone to distrust, have thrown their trust at a corporation because they

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one million strong for Facebook sucking!

Three times already, I’ve been encouraged to enable the new “Timeline” feature on Facebook. I won’t, but I know enough about it that I’m sure it’ll totally set some people off. With each redesign (can we call them that?) of

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i’ve already forgotten the little people…

Today, just after a delightful lunch with Girlfriend at Pizza Lucé, I found out a photo of mine was selected for an online travel guide I’ve never heard of. With that, my fame exploded and I’m now too cool for

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4.1: when dorks come to play

If you’re connected to the interwebs (via USB, dial-up or bio-microchip), you’ve likely seen the geektastic offerings for this first of April. I could do the same, but that it’s snowing is joke enough for me. Instead, here’s a rundown

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why the FB rework means nothing

First, let me bring focus to a bold few, Ben, @KatLikeWrites, Alauna, Jenski and TinkTrace (longtime friend of the Chasm staff) all weighed in. The rest of you were probably busy being inattentive friends, disgruntled coworkers or panhandlers. (All worthy

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your thoughts: FB overhaul

That’s right. I’m trying something different. I’m asking you for your thoughts instead of dousing you with mine. Take a quick second and leave your short answers below or @- me on Twitter. What do you think of the new

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a woman’s world is horrifying

For those that read my take on JCPenny’s “Doghouse” campaign, my reaction to the new Frito Lay‘s campaign should be obvious. Still, that won’t stop me (in spite of your silent protests). What is “A Woman’s World?” Seems it should look

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open letter: tourism bureaus

I know what you’re thinking: Another open letter? Really? Yes. Really. I had a couple conversations this morning along these lines. Dear Most of You, There you are. You’re the be-all, end-all for your destination. You’re where people turn to

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the times goes crazy (yawn)

Friday, under their “First Look Blog” the folk over at The New York Times Online went nuts and introduced a new “article skimmer.” As far as I can tell, they took the layout and concept of AllTop and added a

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