Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

Past Words

Death and Tax Cuts

So why do Republicans hate Obamacare so much? It’s not because they have better ideas; as we’ve seen over the past few weeks, they’re coming up empty-handed on the “replace” part of “repeal and replace.” It’s not, I’m sorry to

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A Good Idea, Even if It’s From Republicans

It’s a win-win: Less carbon in the atmosphere, and more equal distribution of income. That it’s being proposed by Republicans doesn’t make the idea any less worthy. I’m aware that some on the left would rather use revenues from such

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the scene, politically speaking

Okay, so we have health care reform. It’s change, maybe, but more like my changing from jeans to khakis after landing a contract position than overhauling my wardrobe (which, admittedly, may need some work). Where does that leave us? Here’s

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