Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

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Microsoft Office for iPad sets the gold standard for tablet productivity

Anyone who owns a Surface RT is likely to look enviously at these iPad apps, which for now are the gold standard for Office on a modern tablet. Previously.

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Surface computing and a productivity device

I hesitate to diatribe on the Windows 8 issues again[1]. Not because I can’t fill eight thousand words with all its idiosyncrasies and keep you at the edge of your seat. I clearly can. But because it’s so new that

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Aug 22, 2001: A Memo to Senior Leadership, Microsoft

In a mad dash to find a couple toddler hair ties that absolutely had to be found before nap!, I stumbled on a memo one of the Chasm’s staff members left under her desk. I wish I would have found

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because nerds are smarter than you

Don’t. Be. Evil. Man, that’s a great slogan, right? It’s so simple, so direct, and so… oddly comforting, yeah? For some odd reason, those most aware, skeptical, and prone to distrust, have thrown their trust at a corporation because they

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the appeal of Surface

What would a truly mobile PC look like? Microsoft, Monday, attempted to convince a room of quickly assembled press they had answered that question. The full event is about forty-five minutes of an Apple keynote rehearsal. But there were highlights.

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microsoft saved me $2k?

That’s misleading. Sort of. They just may have given me a reason to avoid a finance option, allowing me the patience to save up for a MacBook instead. (Man, why do I lie like that in the title? Bush league.)

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proprietary pomposity

Why is it I can’t resist the urge to alliterate? Ridiculous. Microsoft is impressively stupid. Back in the day they were kicking ass and taking names. Everyone had to be on a MS platform to do anything. Then Apple started gaining

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