Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

Past Words


This is no little thing. Describing Mar-a-Lago in a news article as “the so-called Winter White House” is normalizing out and out corruption — Trump’s shameless profiteering of the presidency. If the Times wants to quote Trump using the phrase,

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Donald Trump is ‘gaslighting’ all of us

Russia even tried to gaslight US voters, as intelligence agencies concluded, trying to undermine their faith in the democratic process. And when Moscow thought Trump would lose, it planned to promote the view that the election was stolen, under the

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“We won the popular vote.”

At one point when Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio was saying that the Clinton campaign had failed to understand the fact that 70% of voters believed the country was on the wrong track, her Campaign Manager Robby Mook interrupted: “We won

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survival of the fittest, valentine’s

Dear ladies. You’re adorable and you smell nice and your hair looks great that way. That said, go away. Seriously, I’m about to toss down some wisdom you want no part of. If you remain, I take no responsibility for

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manufacturing a source

It’s not surprising Fox News tweaks about something related to Barack Obama. It is slightly surprising to see them completely decompose their minuscule credibility so easily. Let me explain (sort of). It all starts with a moron at World Net

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Take On Me: Literal Video Version

already posted this to the blog but it came to mind again and i couldn’t pass up double-posting.

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maddow takes apart a populist mccain

which i think is an oxymoron. and she doesn’t have to work too hard to make his economic ideas sound ignorant. can’t really blame him, considering he’s already told us as much a few times.


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something about a palin assessment with a british accent…

… is funnier than the same assessment from every single person i’ve ever met. not that her being an idiot is excusable but it sure does make for a lot of talking points. we’re going to miss her, if only

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