Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

Past Words

CurrentC gets lucky

CurrentC’s maker MCX, for those unfamiliar, is a group of over 50 retailers who have been working to develop their own mobile wallet technology. Essentially, they want to own the mobile wallet experience for themselves, instead of turning it over

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More Thoughts on Googley Nest

There are many reasons Google would want to purchase Nest and many are perfectly valid. But for Google, the real issue is not that they bought the company. It’s the reaction to their buying the company. Their reputation as a

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Definitely Not Being Evil, Ya’ll

6.18a: Google Now card – Drive time to work is longer than usual. Leave in twelve minutes. There may be ice. There are fifteen used Subarus within 1.2 miles. [sponsored] 6.25a: Nest notification from NestBot2321 – You should warm your

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because nerds are smarter than you

Don’t. Be. Evil. Man, that’s a great slogan, right? It’s so simple, so direct, and so… oddly comforting, yeah? For some odd reason, those most aware, skeptical, and prone to distrust, have thrown their trust at a corporation because they

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4.1: when dorks come to play

If you’re connected to the interwebs (via USB, dial-up or bio-microchip), you’ve likely seen the geektastic offerings for this first of April. I could do the same, but that it’s snowing is joke enough for me. Instead, here’s a rundown

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friday free for all

or: Google is my digital-lifemate. … Last night, at Grumpy’s, I attended my first “tweetup“. It was entertaining. Pretty sure I’ll do it again. Nice to be among a crowd of digital dorks, like myself. Speaking of… … My Gmail

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