Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

Past Words

present day thinking

Most days, I ride a bike over a hundred potholes, through half a dozen poorly designed intersections, and under a few thousand feet of raised track that looks as if it could fail at any moment. It’s sort of great

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when not to infographic

First, let me start with a small lie and tell you with the utmost facetious honesty, I’m not an infographic snob. Sure, I can generally throw a Gestalt together; that’s irrelevant. Have a look at this graphic and, within a

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two thousand twelve, a year in review

Prospectus for twenty twelve? In a word: terrifying. However, who can really sum things up in a word? Sure, there’s the anxiety associated with owning a residence, or horrific and joyous events, or, obviously, the realization of a prophecy from

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my interesting day on a bike

Saturday, I was tasked with going into work for testing of our new release.* Having spent the winter on trains and holed up in our apartment, I’ve been trying to get back to regular cycling. Conditions were good, so I

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some dude’s transit plan

I should have no influence in whom you vote for. In fact, most of you aren’t even in Chicago, so it won’t matter, right? Anyway, Rahm Emanuel recently released his transportation plans and it’s notable for a couple reasons. First,

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chicago’s finest, critically

Note: There’s inappropriate language within. I’m sort of annoyed. This never happens. The fuck? (A video of Chicago police holding down [assaulting?] a man after he photographed another incident of excessive force.) Dear cops: We’ve had encounters in varying forms

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moving on up / to the east…

You may or may not know of the move in our very near future. The T.C. staff is off to the northern end of the Windy City. It’s a big change. (Mainly because CHI is considered a city even outside

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