Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

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Apple comments on Consumer Reports faulty MacBook Pro tests

After we asked Consumer Reports to run the same test using normal user settings, they told us their MacBook Pro systems consistently delivered the expected battery life. We have also fixed the bug uncovered in this test. This is the

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The Radically new 12-inch MacBook Air

After about a week of having this at the back of my mind, I’m intrigued by the idea. This won’t be my next notebook, mostly because I won’t need a new one of those for more than a year, but

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Is Apple’s San Francisco the Future of Typography on OS X?

Spoiler: not likely. [UPDATE: As of the OS X announcement, it looks like I’m way wrong here. That’s not new, but the skepticism below is still there. We’ll see how iOS and OS X look with the change.] [UPDATE: They

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CurrentC gets lucky

CurrentC’s maker MCX, for those unfamiliar, is a group of over 50 retailers who have been working to develop their own mobile wallet technology. Essentially, they want to own the mobile wallet experience for themselves, instead of turning it over

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some rumors should stay rumors

The rumors of an iPhone that has a 4.7-inch display make sense. The rumors of Apple creating a wearable make sense. The idea that Apple will create a Moto 360 knock-off or a iPhone with a 5.5-inch display are absurd.

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The Maybe Promise of YotoPhone

You may have a life and don’t know what YotoPhone is. That’s great for you; it’s a phone that is Android with a full color LCD on one side and Android on an e-ink (think Kindle) display on the other.

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a whole new OS has to be simple, right

I’m beholden to my vast investors to keep everyone informed of my own opinions, so let’s talk iOS. First: I like it, I didn’t like major parts of the previous style, and know my feedback is as valuable as it

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Let’s Critique a Critique, Shall We?

The internet is a complete iOS 7 horrorscape. Before the June 10th keynote, designers were taking Apple to task on iOS 6, calling for a massive redesign, and loading Google’s servers with prototypes of their vastly superior visions. Then the

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iOS 7 want: refreshed iBooks

Rumors abound that Jony Ive has put a stop to the frivolous decoration in iOS 7. That’s super exciting, yes? Boring start? But wait, there’s more. Sorry I’m not sorry. Digital books are better in every way except those they’re

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please, please, please and please

And evidently the spartan, elegant aesthetic that Ive has developed around Apple’s hardware is now being brought to bear on its software, as well. Last week, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reported that iOS 7 would feature a “flat” design that favors

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keeping it in the family

With a recent visit to the Genius Bar, I started thinking about Apple’s product line. There are quite a few rumors, as always, and I’m frequently entertained. Overall, you’d think Apple would cut costs while maintaining their sales and impressive

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the appeal of Surface

What would a truly mobile PC look like? Microsoft, Monday, attempted to convince a room of quickly assembled press they had answered that question. The full event is about forty-five minutes of an Apple keynote rehearsal. But there were highlights.

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