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Past Words

Trump adviser cites non-existent ‘massacre’ defending ban

So to recap: There was no massacre in Bowling Green, and Obama didn’t ban Iraqi refugees from the country for six months. Major outlets, including CNN, did cover Alwan and Hammadi’s case. We did not, however, cover the Bowling Green

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At least we know what he’s left with.

Earlier this month, Spicer spoke with former President Obama senior adviser David Axelrod about communications strategy, and Spicer said, “The one thing, whether you’re Republican or Democrat or independent, is that you have your integrity.” “I have never lied,” Spicer

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alternative facts

Spicer’s unscheduled press briefing lasted only five minutes, but in that stretch of time, he managed to pack in five lies and chastise journalists multiple times. Strong start.

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