Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

Past Words

we need to change the rules

Trump has been a fixture of American privilege and even some news cycles for as long as I can remember. Many of these were not flattering. He’s irresponsible, obsessed with extravagant displays of wealth, and prone to bad judgement. He

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Moving on to the Past

Next week, right away Monday in fact, I’ll be using a Windows PC for the first time in three years. This is sort of making me anxious. I started life as we now know it—my existence on the internet—with a

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The Maybe Promise of YotoPhone

You may have a life and don’t know what YotoPhone is. That’s great for you; it’s a phone that is Android with a full color LCD on one side and Android on an e-ink (think Kindle) display on the other.

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More Thoughts on Googley Nest

There are many reasons Google would want to purchase Nest and many are perfectly valid. But for Google, the real issue is not that they bought the company. It’s the reaction to their buying the company. Their reputation as a

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Definitely Not Being Evil, Ya’ll

6.18a: Google Now card – Drive time to work is longer than usual. Leave in twelve minutes. There may be ice. There are fifteen used Subarus within 1.2 miles. [sponsored] 6.25a: Nest notification from NestBot2321 – You should warm your

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a whole new OS has to be simple, right

I’m beholden to my vast investors to keep everyone informed of my own opinions, so let’s talk iOS. First: I like it, I didn’t like major parts of the previous style, and know my feedback is as valuable as it

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not in the bedroom thanks

There are certain things the kid version of me wanted that make the current version of me shake his head. I once longed for a three-level penthouse apartment, a cabin forty miles from anywhere and anyone, and a car with

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Walmart are wonderful

I get that Walmart are evil. They barely pay their massive workforce and undercut local dealers, so it’s obvious that they are ruining America. But what if they aren’t? Those most critical of Walmart rarely walk into one. Most of

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Aug 22, 2001: A Memo to Senior Leadership, Microsoft

In a mad dash to find a couple toddler hair ties that absolutely had to be found before nap!, I stumbled on a memo one of the Chasm’s staff members left under her desk. I wish I would have found

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Let’s Critique a Critique, Shall We?

The internet is a complete iOS 7 horrorscape. Before the June 10th keynote, designers were taking Apple to task on iOS 6, calling for a massive redesign, and loading Google’s servers with prototypes of their vastly superior visions. Then the

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complacency can be dangerous

Corporations are private. Corporations are investment-hungry non-entities that cater to consumers and mostly act within guidelines set by the public sector. Governments are public. Governments are elected representatives that cater to their constituents and mostly create guidelines to benefit individuals.

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dear delightful dad

You’re absolutely right. Your daughter is five and should not be sitting on the small bronze mountain lion statue when she can clearly sit atop the larger bronze mountain lion. Sitting atop the larger of two statues is probably the

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