Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

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complacency can be dangerous

Corporations are private. Corporations are investment-hungry non-entities that cater to consumers and mostly act within guidelines set by the public sector. Governments are public. Governments are elected representatives that cater to their constituents and mostly create guidelines to benefit individuals.

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Robert Reich: The Xenophobe Party

Tsarnaev was arrested on American soil for acts occurring in the United States. No known evidence links him to Al Qaeda. He is Muslim — so is Graham really saying Muslims are presumed guilty until proven otherwise?

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speaking of trails: KXL Pipeline Trail, everybody

The Keystone Pipeline is obviously controversial–not helped at all by all the oil spills[1]–so it’s an interesting idea to take that momentum and dream up beautification plans. A network of nationwide bike trails has been a dream for even casual

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just waiting on the punchline

What th—? Are we in some sort of elaborate joke? Sometimes there’s something fascinating about watching something with great momentum come to a complete halt. It’s devastating but transfixing, like car crash test footage. That can get morbid. Maybe you’re

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the inevitable absurdity of being right

Buying a new Prius every three years; complaining about free phone apps; becoming an organic vegan; knowing that the top one percent of earners create jobs: all are completely correct.1 And it’s nice to be right, right? Yet, to an

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can we stop giving Stephenie Meyer money?

You’ve probably heard of Twilight. If you’re older than fourteen or prefer to read at or above a fourth-grade level, here’s the gist: It’s a series of books written by an alcoholic seventeen-year-old. The protagonist is a vacuous half-wit (possibly

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awesome that…

my fourth favorite Best Picture nominee took home the prize. sure, Silver Linings, Amour, and Django Unchained were better and Beasts of the Southern Wild and Life of Pi were far more unique and delightful. but this has become the

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choices, choices and Abrams

Some of you may be fans of Lost, or Star Trek, or Alias, or any other science fiction film or television made over the last five years. As such, you’re almost in hysterics over the choice of JJ Abrams to

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Tree of Life

There will be spoilers here. The movie has been out for more than a year. Terrence Malick seems to be one of those polarizing dudes, wherein if you have not seen it you have no interest in it. And there

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The Hunger Games: When Details Matter

Over the weekend, the Lovely Lady and I rented Hunger Games. For many reasons, renting a movie is an amazing thing but to most of you, it’s just renting a movie. I didn’t even have to leave the house; they

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sorry, I was speeding slightly

Wouldn’t be funny if the US pointed fingers at drivers for being total dicks? Funny’s not the right word.

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absurd conservative health care mandates

This health care stuff is great. I’m not all into it or anything, but it’s sort of great to watch this nonsense go down, right? If you have a job—kudos, by the way, isn’t unemployment still like 64.32%*—why would you

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