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Trump Supporters Celebrate Imminent Loss of Their Health Insurance

“Knowing that Trump could take away my Obamacare makes me feel super optimistic about what he’s capable of,” Tracy Klugian, of Columbus, Ohio, said. “I can’t wait until he gets rid of my Medicare.”

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Paul Ryan, Brought Down to Size

“In the 25 years that I served in the United States Congress,” Mr. Boehner said, “Republicans never, ever, one time agreed on what a health care proposal should look like. Not once. And all this happy talk that went on

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The ridiculous gushing over Trump’s speech

The most absurd statistic he cited was the 94 million people out of the labor force, a rhetorical sleight-of-hand that suggests a catastrophically-high unemployment rate. That number includes 44 million retirees, 13 million students, and millions more who have no

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Trump vs. the Very Fake News Media

My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too. —Barack Obama Well, I don’t know, I was given that information. I was given—I actually, I’ve seen that information around. … Number

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Trump adviser cites non-existent ‘massacre’ defending ban

So to recap: There was no massacre in Bowling Green, and Obama didn’t ban Iraqi refugees from the country for six months. Major outlets, including CNN, did cover Alwan and Hammadi’s case. We did not, however, cover the Bowling Green

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At least we know what he’s left with.

Earlier this month, Spicer spoke with former President Obama senior adviser David Axelrod about communications strategy, and Spicer said, “The one thing, whether you’re Republican or Democrat or independent, is that you have your integrity.” “I have never lied,” Spicer

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“We won the popular vote.”

At one point when Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio was saying that the Clinton campaign had failed to understand the fact that 70% of voters believed the country was on the wrong track, her Campaign Manager Robby Mook interrupted: “We won

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Is Apple’s San Francisco the Future of Typography on OS X?

Spoiler: not likely. [UPDATE: As of the OS X announcement, it looks like I’m way wrong here. That’s not new, but the skepticism below is still there. We’ll see how iOS and OS X look with the change.] [UPDATE: They

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CurrentC gets lucky

CurrentC’s maker MCX, for those unfamiliar, is a group of over 50 retailers who have been working to develop their own mobile wallet technology. Essentially, they want to own the mobile wallet experience for themselves, instead of turning it over

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Prepare yourself or a branding expert…

Just get ready, ya’ll, to have your socks blown the fuck off by an incredible mastermind of image and reputation management. Linked above is Rob’s outpost on the greater interwebs and it is probably his best personal brand asset. (Except

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Crazy Bar Fight in front of Crocodile Bar: Wicker Park Chicago, Illinois

It’s hard to tell who’s who most of the time, but my favorite bits, in rough order of how much joy I’ve gleaned: The lady who, because of course, seems to repeatedly hit people while yelling “don’t hit me” and


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Surface computing and a productivity device

I hesitate to diatribe on the Windows 8 issues again[1]. Not because I can’t fill eight thousand words with all its idiosyncrasies and keep you at the edge of your seat. I clearly can. But because it’s so new that

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