Thought Chasm these posts, while infrequent and poorly thought out, are also not all that complex, structurally.

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Grammys meta post-mortem

I didn’t watch the Grammys. I had better things to do than watch LL Cool J and some old white dudes jerk themselves off. But! I have the internet and brandy so I watched the performances in Here Are the

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a whole new OS has to be simple, right

I’m beholden to my vast investors to keep everyone informed of my own opinions, so let’s talk iOS. First: I like it, I didn’t like major parts of the previous style, and know my feedback is as valuable as it

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Let’s Critique a Critique, Shall We?

The internet is a complete iOS 7 horrorscape. Before the June 10th keynote, designers were taking Apple to task on iOS 6, calling for a massive redesign, and loading Google’s servers with prototypes of their vastly superior visions. Then the

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can we stop giving Stephenie Meyer money?

You’ve probably heard of Twilight. If you’re older than fourteen or prefer to read at or above a fourth-grade level, here’s the gist: It’s a series of books written by an alcoholic seventeen-year-old. The protagonist is a vacuous half-wit (possibly

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Tree of Life

There will be spoilers here. The movie has been out for more than a year. Terrence Malick seems to be one of those polarizing dudes, wherein if you have not seen it you have no interest in it. And there

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The Hunger Games: When Details Matter

Over the weekend, the Lovely Lady and I rented Hunger Games. For many reasons, renting a movie is an amazing thing but to most of you, it’s just renting a movie. I didn’t even have to leave the house; they

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joys of children’s lit

Recently, due to foreseen and lovely events, I’ve been introduced to some classics of the children’s book genre. This is notable for, say, two reasons. First, my experience before recently was near nothing. Second, the books are horrifying. In what

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the appeal of Surface

What would a truly mobile PC look like? Microsoft, Monday, attempted to convince a room of quickly assembled press they had answered that question. The full event is about forty-five minutes of an Apple keynote rehearsal. But there were highlights.

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Trailer: Premium Rush

so much to like about this movie. bikes. JGL. Turtle’s hot girlfriend. Agent Van Alden. bikes. and yet… i’m 90% sure this will be Unstoppable, but you know, on bikes. (unnecessary spoiler on that one: it totally stops.)


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midnight in paris

Paris. It’s as much a location as a map as a fantasy. A place easily flown to but never reached. The idea of Paris is as much a part of western culture as the Big Mac, consumerism, or infallible markets.

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2011 Oscar Predictions

So, the posts are thin here at the Chasm but I couldn’t let next week’s show go by without putting in my few cents (one less than last year). Below are my picks, the likely winners and a few comments. You

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Skins is MTV’s death rattle but it’s still an icon!

“At one point, MTV wasn’t terrible. It was a cultural icon, in fact,” I will tell my grandchildren. When did it first become the rotting pile of teenage flesh that made your childhood weep, they will inquire (they are smart,

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