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millions protest, not quite as many celebrate

The stark contrast between Obama’s first inauguration and trump’s version were clear for most everyone. This offended the tiny man with tiny hands’ immense ego, so he had his press secretary lie for him. That wasn’t enough though, because he was still seething, so he brought it up again, like a petulant child.

But even more enlightening is the same contrast between those celebrating a trump victory Friday and those outraged by it just the next day. This is a sign of the times, and for those against the cultural reset that the new president represents (most of his ideas and attitudes make Mad Men look like a progressive drama) can be reassured that they are in the strong majority.

That, though, depends on whether you believe your eyes, video, photographic evidence, Twitter noise, nearly all reputable news outlets, and most of the not as reputable news outlets, or if you believe a chronic-lying (why even bother lying about actual weather? why.) megalomaniac.

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