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some rumors should stay rumors

The rumors of an iPhone that has a 4.7-inch display make sense. The rumors of Apple creating a wearable make sense. The idea that Apple will create a Moto 360 knock-off or a iPhone with a 5.5-inch display are absurd.

I’m not really into predictions, but it’s sort of obvious. That it’s obvious hasn’t slowed a billion page views.

A 4.7-inch iPhone follows the users to larger screen sizes, shows of a thinner profile, adds some design flare, and may show off a crisper screen. Maybe there’s more battery life or something.

A 5.5-inch iPhone just brings confusion. Maybe it’s more battery, but not enough to make a difference. Maybe it’s a better camera, but not enough to make a difference.

There may be an iPhone that comes out with a bigger and slightly less dense screen in the spring. This would reduce confusion, give them a product for the spring–instead of loading another product into their embarrassingly loaded fall–and give them an iPhone line that’s similar to the iPad (two products of basically the same build and utility, just a different screen size).

Again, I’m basically the best at predicting all things.

And the watch. The iWatch (or iTime, now, apparently) will likely happen and it’ll probably be awesome. That’s fine, but a Withings Activité it will not be. Actually, maybe it will be one of those, but a Samsung Gear Fit Live S3 it will not be. (I’m hoping it’s just like Google Glass.)

There is zero demand for something that looks like a tiny smartphone, acts like a tiny smartphone, and annoys like a tiny smartphone. These fitness wearables all have great features that are never on the same device. Android Wear does nothing to remedy this, and will likely be completely different after iWear drops. (::cough::)

Apple released an MP3 player that only worked with eight percent of computers, a phone that barely made calls, and a tablet that didn’t even have a stylus. Whatever Google is working on with these mediocre OEMs and however big a Galaxy S gets, Apple will probably buck the trends. (Can you call them trends?)

These are great ideas and I think the products will be awesome. I will get the iPhone 6 when it’s 4.7 inches and ignore it when it’s 5.5 inches. I will get the third or fourth version of the iBand, whenever they get all the features I want in a look I like with the battery longevity I need.

And all the while I’ll be waiting for them to show anything for all they’ve been spending on how shitty television is…


As predicted, I’m not great at predictions. The 5.5″ iPhone is a thing, and it’s massive. The watch seems like a tiny smartphone, which is annoying. Chalk it up as another in a long line of Oscar prediction posts, because if I could really get some of this right, maybe I’d be a lot richer.

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