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Crazy Bar Fight in front of Crocodile Bar: Wicker Park Chicago, Illinois

It’s hard to tell who’s who most of the time, but my favorite bits, in rough order of how much joy I’ve gleaned:

  • The lady who, because of course, seems to repeatedly hit people while yelling “don’t hit me” and its derivatives. Outstanding work. It’s best to avoid conflict by grabbing a homeless dude’s mop.
  • Running full force to help your bro, only to basically miss entirely and end up backward through a store window, is amazing. Following that up by falling into a slow-moving car is absolutely transcendent.
  • The guy yelling “let it be one-on-one” who then seems to get his ass totally whomped whenever it’s—however briefly—actually one-on-one. I’m not sure he knows what it means.
  • How the mop, picked up by the woman who can’t be touched, and wielded by the guy who offers support by flying through windows and into cars, ends up taken and used in retaliation after the first swing.

This is better than my birthday, which isn’t even today.


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