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Clients From Hell

The things that are crossed off. Does that mean they’re done?

The client was referring to items under the heading “What’s Been Done.”

Normally these CFH are irrefutably hilarious, so it’s notable when refute is apparent.

There is a fairly well-established paradigm wherein a person creates a list of unfinished items and crosses them off as they’re completed. In fact, people generally call this “A To-Do List”. It has a fucking name. You do not need a portfolio website or a client list or to be in the fourth grade to know what a to-do list is, or how it works.

How much overthink gets you to the point you’re creating a heading “What’s Been Done” and then crossing out items below it? You’ve just deleted an item from the “What’s Been Done” list to show people it’s finished? Are all the items crossed off, or are there items on the “What’s Been Done” list that aren’t done yet?

Who’s the bigger idiot: The one that doesn’t catch the implied meaning under a clear header? (Because, yes, duh.) Or the one that broke an established paradigm for no apparent reason? (Is there a “What Hasn’t Been Done” list that also has crossed off items?)

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