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absurd conservative health care mandates

arm in slingThis health care stuff is great. I’m not all into it or anything, but it’s sort of great to watch this nonsense go down, right?

If you have a job—kudos, by the way, isn’t unemployment still like 64.32%*—why would you care? You’re set (well, maybe). And, though an expansion of Medicare could have made a difference, there’s very little change in this new set of meh.

Why all the fuss?

Employed people with plans are already under a mandate. A twenty-six-year-old out of college gets the same plans and cost breakdowns as his fifty-eight-year-old coworker. If he or she opts out—because the benefits are not one-to-one with salary—the company loses hundreds in tax credits.

That uninsured people showing up for care—and 100% of people will need care at some point—are a drag on the system is pretty widely accepted. Car insurance is generally mandatory, right? For, you know, the same reason?

Oh, and this is a conservative idea. The Heritage Foundation are big on it because it takes care of the “free-loaders” (herein, undereducated, underpaid folk who probably have more kids than they can afford because contraception is evil; or, well, MEXICANS TAKEOURJOBS NEEDAFENCE).

The industry wants it—which should give anyone pause. How could they not, right? Cha-g’damn-ching, amiright?

It’s total nonsense wrapped in absurd so it means little to me (I’m also a relatively healthy insured bloke). I’m more worried about the precedent.

Not the legal precedent, mind you, because who cares. I’m talking the precedent it sets for discourse (as always, I use that word lightly given the current state of such things).

If we’re up in arms because of this completely pathetic attempt at a reasonably terrible health care system, what do we do when gas is seven dollars a gallon? How do we face a global society full of truly poor and desperate people? What happens if our water’s polluted, or our oil reserves dry up, or people can’t afford to, or don’t see a reason to, drive and start looking at mass transit options (haha)?

Look, I love a debate about nothing far more than the next guy (Seriously, like, four hours worth on Friday), but there are concerns that need to be addressed. If this bit of complete non-issue is enough to have a gaggle (murder? herd?) of journalists toppling over one another, how are we going to address the real stuff?

I’m genuinely concerned. I have a future generation to casually consider infrequently.

* These are incredibly fake statistics.

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