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our brief affair with representative democracy

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time with my parents. They were on the way back homeward after a long road trip, part of which was spent in colonial Williamsburg.

This is noteworthy for two reasons. First, did you know we were once colonies? That whole thing with Will and Kate (or, you know, Wite) makes a lot more sense.

Second, it was mentioned that, before our Revolution, only nobility could vote. I vaguely remembered this but, having been reminded, it’s fun to see how we’ve come full circle.

As a burgeoning plutocracy, it’s great to see we have historical reference for ignoring common people. It casts the last two-hundred-odd years of experimentation in a pathetically optimistic shadow.

Some would say it’s a bad thing that our corporations have more clout than our People. Or it’s terrible that we’re a country governed and influenced exclusively by the upper upper class. In fact, many would expect me to say just that. (I have.)

But really, as with territorial genocide and universal education before it, the idea of “For the People, By the People” is losing favor domestically just as it takes off abroad. Egypt can have it as far as I’m concerned. We have better things to do.

Sure, the country will lose significance. Sure, health care will be an incredibly expensive joke (notice how Ryan’s plan has the same provisions as “Obamacare”? must be coincidence). Sure, the next generation will be less educated than mine (and that’s a low bar, amiright, Millenials?).

That said, as shown by myriad Facebook groups and how popular Fox News has become, we The People simply can’t afford the time to pay attention to this stuff. Only those rich enough to barely work can educate themselves enough to be informed voters. Also, television is awesome.

The experiment was fun. We had some good times. But as more and more of the country is happy to be told what to think and is educated to a lower and lower level, we as The People cannot be trusted to know what’s best for Rich People.

Osama (dear, the South and local news stations, it’s a hard “S” and sounds very little like a hard “B”) is dead and the world is shiny again. Plus, I’m employed again, so fuck the underclass.

A rising tide may lift all boats but I think a rooftop pool has more flair.

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