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chicago’s finest, critically

Note: There’s inappropriate language within. I’m sort of annoyed. This never happens.

The fuck? (A video of Chicago police holding down [assaulting?] a man after he photographed another incident of excessive force.)

Dear cops: We’ve had encounters in varying forms and I know most of you are just “doing your jobs” but this sort of thing is abhorrent (sorry… it means, basically, “shitty”).

Yes, there’s probably a context to this explaining the four of you (two of you are noticeably overweight, by the way; don’t you have fitness tests?) taking this guy down and repeatedly spraying him while his cheeks are against the asphalt.

Like… he was taking pictures of you boys being assholes and you’re assholes, or something. Maybe he called you assholes? You’ll get back to me on details.

You perpetuate your own sophomoric, militaristic stereotypes with your actions and need to ease up on the idiot.

Wait… sorry again. Remember what Peter Parker’s uncle said? “With great power comes great responsibility.” So I guess what I’m saying is, mace responsibly and maybe hop on a bike every once in awhile so you can fit in smaller kevlar.

Rapid update: this is awesome. (Sarcasm, cops. Sarcasm.)

Second Note: The photo, I gather, is from the incident (or a similar one) that was photographed by the man in the video. The image is used without consent from BNF on Tumblr.

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