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manufacturing a source

It’s not surprising Fox News tweaks about something related to Barack Obama. It is slightly surprising to see them completely decompose their minuscule credibility so easily. Let me explain (sort of).

It all starts with a moron at World Net Daily (like that e-zine your dad subscribed to that told him Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA) named Aaron Klein. His article (Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility) claims Wikipedia is actively wiping references to Obama’s past.

Fox News ran with it and it’ll likely be a full-fledged controversy among the Rights before Limbaugh pops his first pill tomorrow. I’m all for after-the-fact barely-doubts coming to light. Unfortunately, they seem to miss certain issues (that Wired takes note of).

The statement that banned Jerusalem21 (casting “doubt” on Obama being born in America) is only fact if you have an affinity toward racism, haven’t found time for your GED and/or are Sean Hannity. Jerusalem21 has made contributions to exactly two pages: Obama’s and Klein’s, which s/he created (following me here?).

Probably what happened:

  • Erroneous Klein goes crazy, adding his own Wikipedia page and keeping it up to date.
  • He’s suspended for putting gossip onto Obama’s page.
  • He writes about it on a fringe website.
  • Fox News picks it up as fact and is outraged. (Much like a three-year-old that doesn’t understand why he has to leave the zoo at closing time.)

That, boys and girls, is journalism at its finest. (Seriously. This is probably the best Fox News can do.) In any case, Erroneous Klein makes Randall Stross look like Walter Cronkite.

The Telegraph has more, ignoring Jerus— err, Aaron Klein’s credibility issues.

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