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wtf?!? 11.21.08

what an ass...

what an ass...

After all the whining about how Christmas is being eroded, dismantled and violently attacked by domestic terrorists, where’s the “Christmas” in this post? (“Winter season,” eh?) Did you forget your one-man crusade? That you’re wasting airtime with your pathetic display offends me but you don’t even have the balls for consistency?

Maybe you’ve just realized the fight is lost. Christmas is a distorted holiday, bastardized into a retail circle-jerk. (If any of you watch Fox News, sorry for blowing your mind just there, should’a warned ya.) Does it matter what we call it?

Most Christmas celebrations occur between it and New Years; thus there are two (plural). Which, according to English-as-first-language, means “the holidays” is usually correct. Arguing that referring to them as such is anti-Christian makes you an ignorant dick but not using your own rhetorical idiocy? That’s just impressive.

It’s bad enough I already have to listen to shit Christmas music and watch terrible ads for extravagant gifts no one can afford. Now I have to watch (clips of; never made it through an entire “Factor” for health reasons) a desperate idiot talk to complete morons about an imagined war he can’t even live up to.

(More on thecontroversy“)

(Incidentally,—Factor especially—still looks absolutely terrible in compliant, modern browsers. Think it’s because their target audience is so smart and adept? Yeah… that’s probably it…)

Full disclosure: I despise almost all holidays (save New Years and Thanksgiving) and couldn’t care less what they’re labeled.

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