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health care and the end of civilization

I think we can all agree on a few things. Health care, if supplied by the government, would make us Nazis. Universal health care would lead to bureaucracy and inefficiency before it killed our children, one by one. (Those are givens.)

There are issues, but it’s the best we’ve got. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for. In the wake of providing medical care to the less fortunate we’d go broke, society would unravel and very-pregnant teens would fall down comically long flights of stairs. (Take a second for that image to sink in.)

That’s all duh right? (Obviously.) But… um… it brings up a few questions.

Why are doctors complaining about the current bureaucracy? Why (considering we’re rich as fuckall) aren’t we ranked even top twenty in health care? Why does out system provide health care for those that can already afford alternatives? Most importantly, why do I get three non-bills before I get something I have to pay?

The cost of health care is outpacing the economy like a race between Usain Bolt and Dave Matthews. We’re going to run out of primary care physicians. We advertise drugs to people that voted for Palin (like treating obesity with M&Ms and hot wings).

This the best we can do? America? Most advanced nation ever at all in forever?

S’no wonder we keep hearing about foreign countries failing under the weight of their health care systems. It’s much easier to vilify the alternative than to take the benefits, compromise with common sense, and produce an actual solution. Thanks Congress, smile bright for your reelection.

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