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millions protest, not quite as many celebrate

The stark contrast between Obama’s first inauguration and trump’s version were clear for most everyone. This offended the tiny man with tiny hands’ immense ego, so he had his press secretary lie for him. That wasn’t enough though, because he was still seething, so he brought it up again, like a petulant child.

But even more enlightening is the same contrast between those celebrating a trump victory Friday and those outraged by it just the next day. This is a sign of the times, and for those against the cultural reset that the new president represents (most of his ideas and attitudes make Mad Men look like a progressive drama) can be reassured that they are in the strong majority.

That, though, depends on whether you believe your eyes, video, photographic evidence, Twitter noise, nearly all reputable news outlets, and most of the not as reputable news outlets, or if you believe a chronic-lying (why even bother lying about actual weather? why.) megalomaniac.

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At least we know what he’s left with.

Earlier this month, Spicer spoke with former President Obama senior adviser David Axelrod about communications strategy, and Spicer said, “The one thing, whether you’re Republican or Democrat or independent, is that you have your integrity.”

“I have never lied,” Spicer said, adding, “If you lose the respect and trust of the press corps you’ve got nothing.”

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alternative facts

Spicer’s unscheduled press briefing lasted only five minutes, but in that stretch of time, he managed to pack in five lies and chastise journalists multiple times.

Strong start.

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Donald the Unready

But as far as we know, almost no people meeting that description will be in the new administration, except possibly the nominee for defense secretary — whose nickname just happens to be “Mad Dog.”

So there you have it: an administration unprecedented in its corruption, but also completely unprepared to govern. It’s going to be terrific, let me tell you.

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A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media

This man owns you. He understands perfectly well that he is the news. You can’t ignore him. You’re always playing by his rules — which he can change at any time without any notice. You can’t — in Putin’s case — campaign to vote him out of office. Your readership is dwindling because ad budgets are shrinking — while his ratings are soaring, and if you want to keep your publication afloat, you’ll have to report on everything that man says as soon as he says it, without any analysis or fact-checking, because 1) his fans will not care if he lies to their faces; 2) while you’re busy picking his lies apart, he’ll spit out another mountain of bullshit and you’ll be buried under it.

Good luck out there.

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Donald Trump is ‘gaslighting’ all of us

Russia even tried to gaslight US voters, as intelligence agencies concluded, trying to undermine their faith in the democratic process. And when Moscow thought Trump would lose, it planned to promote the view that the election was stolen, under the #DemocracyRIP banner, a plan whose seeds Trump had already planted.

The challenge will be a steep one for journalists and for all Americans, when so much of what comes from the next president has to be checked and double-checked. The first step is to establish when there is a gaslighting operation in progress.

Then comes the battle to hold on to the facts.

Just another thing we need to keep awareness off, in a world that has shown itself unable to maintain awareness. Facebook fake news, Twitter noise, and the general sensationalization of all media will make this all the easier.

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Apple comments on Consumer Reports faulty MacBook Pro tests

After we asked Consumer Reports to run the same test using normal user settings, they told us their MacBook Pro systems consistently delivered the expected battery life. We have also fixed the bug uncovered in this test. This is the best pro notebook we’ve ever made, we respect Consumer Reports and we’re glad they decided to revisit their findings on the MacBook Pro.

Consumer Reports updated their MacBook Pro page, but they are blaming the bug for the previous faulty results. The true problem was their methodology.

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Government by Tweedict

The media should pay less attention what Trump is tweeting and more attention to what Trump is actually doing.

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“We won the popular vote.”

At one point when Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio was saying that the Clinton campaign had failed to understand the fact that 70% of voters believed the country was on the wrong track, her Campaign Manager Robby Mook interrupted: “We won the popular vote.”

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“I can’t imagine a worse pick”: Critics slam choice of Betsy DeVos to be secretary of education

…Betsy DeVos, is a woman who never went to public school, nor sent her children to public school, nor worked for public schools. She does, however, come from a wealthy family that has donated millions to the Republican Party.

Aside from often being a pretext for trying to spread the teaching of right-wing religious beliefs to American schoolchildren, school vouchers have the ignominious distinction of first becoming a prominent issue in 1954, when Southern states began advocating voucher programs after Brown v. Board of Education so they could simultaneously pull their children from and defund recently desegregated schools.

Oh. Good.

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Donald Trump’s First, Alarming Week as President-Elect

Seven days may not be enough time to fully assess any new leader, especially in the case of Trump, whose first week was marked by seeming chaos in his efforts to put together an Administration. But what we’ve learned so far about the least experienced President-elect in history is as troubling and ominous as his critics have feared. The Greeks have a word for the emerging Trump Administration: kakistocracy. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as a “government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.” Webster’s is simpler: “government by the worst people.”

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What the Hell Just Happened?

The Flip Flop: In less than a generation, the GOP has gone from the party of personal responsibility to the party of the system is rigged against you. Remarkable. The only thing that changed faster was the shift from Family Values to Donald.

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